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Speaking Engagements

Denise Lowe

Denise Lowe is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who enjoys sharing her knowledge, stories and experiences with audiences across Canada. Denise is a highly regarded educator whose vision is to help individuals; young and not so young, discover their inner strength to overcome obstacles and develop a more positive mindset, growing confidently in the direction of their purpose. When speaking to students, Denise delivers a strong, inspiring message that goes beyond the classroom.

Register - Guelph - May 7

Register - Kitchener - May 9

Register - Cambridge - May 15

Speaking Topics:
Denise's 45 minute Pep Talk covers the following topics:
  • overcoming challenges and adversity
  • how to grow a positive mindset
  • the importance of taking care of our mental health
other topics Denise speaks on:
  • Living with Type 1 Diabetes - a parent's perspective
  • Overcoming Financial Hardship - Dealing with Debt and Bankruptcy
Professional Speaker Training:
  • Motivating the Masses speaker program by Lisa Nichols
  • Brian Tracy's Speaking Academy
  • Speaker Training by Les Brown
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Denise Lowe

educate, encourage and inspire

Denise Lowe is a retired high school teacher, with Honours Physical Education and Bachelor of Education Degrees. In her 23 years of teaching, Denise worked mainly with teens, and in her latter years she worked with at-risk youth through an Alternative Education program. She taught a wide range of subjects: exercise and nutrition, healthy relationships, social justice, spirituality and Special Education to name a few. With over 10 years of experience owning two businesses, both traditional and network marketing, Denise learned a wealth of knowledge and valuable information working in both models.

Denise has overcome many of her own challenges over the years which she shares both in her book, The Fighter Within, and when speaking. There were some key people in her life who helped her get back on her feet and she wants to do the same to pay it forward and help others by sharing her story.

In her leisure, Denise enjoys both playing and watching sports especially basketball, football and hockey, and she has coached both high school and regional girls' basketball teams. Denise is married to Derryck, 23 years, and is a proud mom to Julia, 18, and Lysa, 16.

wellness, confidence, positivity and gratitude

You Got This!
Reclaiming your power when life knocks you down.

Denise is co-founder and co-presenter of this empowering workshop series. Check out for more information about the workshops, dates of upcoming workshops and how to sign up.

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You Got This

The Fighter

by denise lowe

Recognizing that we are all facing challenges in life, The Fighter Within looks at five areas of challenges or obstacles: jobs, relationships, finances, physical health and mental health. In each section the author shares facts and personal stories. The reader will learn, through positivity and gratitude, that each of us has the power within to overcome fear, adversity and challenges life brings. The Fighter Within provides the reader with comfort in knowing they are not alone, hope to overcome challenges and joy in moving forward one day at a time, living their life to its fullest.

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About the Book

The Fighter Within

Do you feel stuck in life? Do you feel defeated? Are you stressed? Has life got you down? Are you struggling with an illness or relationship breakup? Do you want to thrive? Do you want to live your purpose? Do you know your purpose?

The Fighter Within is a must-read! If you are looking for reflection, feeling alone in your troubles, need some inspiration to get back on your feet and enjoy your life, or need some positivity in your life.... Get your copy of The Fighter Within!

Author Denise Lowe shares her own struggles and challenges. She's been there, she gets it! But she has also found ways to overcome and move forward on her life journey.

"When you are in it [despair, sadness, loneliness, etc] it feels like there is no way you could possibly get over it and feel better again. But in the grand scheme of your life, you begin to realize this is a small part of your journey to make you stronger and build your character to help others along the way."
- Denise Lowe

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